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New photo of David Tennant from @dayoftheFishDr 


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So basically my brother bought me a Jensen Misha photo OP (because he is a douchebag lol) and I think he thought I would sell it or something but I decided to make the best of it so Rose and I came up with the idea of the signs (that was before Jensen made that lonely Jensen tweet lol) and so during the OP I walked up to them and asked them to hold up the signs and look sad. The moment Jensen saw the sign, he laughed and then looked at me and said “You know what, I do miss Jared.” And he had the cutest smile on his face and it was just so fucking cute and dumb and soooo fucking sweet uwu He loves Jared so much and his face in that pic is so adorable aahhhhhh


Ohhhhh. Yeah, so nice that you chose to do a jensen/misha photo op when you don’t like Misha when someone who actually likes both could’ve had it. Ah, the maturity in this fandom is amazing. Next time I’m just gonna buy as many J2 photo ops as I can so that some people who really want one won’t get to do it. Can’t wait :)

Did you even read my post? First of all, I didn’t buy anything, my brother did as a joke (he wanted to buy me a J2 photo OP but they were sold out already). And secondly, the Jensen and Misha photo OPs were not even sold out like the Jensen and Misha photo OP literally only took 10 minutes because not all tickets were sold lol Anyone who wanted to buy one could buy one. The only group photo OP that was sold out was the J2 one.
So thanks for trying to start shit just because your Cockles tinhatter fantasies are not happening.



tell me the truth and i’ll tell you a sin


“Now, Sam…” she purrs, standing behind him and tracing his jawline with her knife. Her eyes flick over to Dean’s for a split second, gloating, before she continues. “How do you really feel about your brother?”

“Oh, come on,” Dean complains before he can stop himself, rolling his eyes. “We get this one so many fucking times. Every goddamn monster on the planet thinks they can break us apart by making us spill some bullshit secret. Well, tough luck lady, you’re not the first witch to try this.”

She seems nonplussed, simply raising an eyebrow as she appraises Dean. Reflexively, he swallows, because his shallow bravado is his only defense while he’s tied up and if it doesn’t work, they’re pretty much fucked. The witch might not be the most powerful, and might be a little shaky with her spellwork, but the truth spell sounded correct, which means she could probably get some more volatile spells correct, too.

He knows Sam keeps three hidden switchblades and she only removed two, but Dean is useless. He just needs to keep talking, keep distracting her, so Sam can get to work and gut the jackass.

“Another thing, Sam… spare no details. Tell me every single thing you feel for your brother,” she adds, winking, and Sam’s eyes widen.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little original… but Dean’s like 90 percent sure there is absolutely nothing Sam could say that would really change anything. He’s confident Sam doesn’t loathe him, and he can deal with any other shockers through extended bouts of alcoholism.

Dean finds he’s proven wrong when Sam opens his mouth.

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SamBenny for Claudia 

The tension between Sam and Benny had been palpable from the beginning, but after a rough hunt where Benny saves Sam’s life, it comes to a peak. As soon as they are back in the motel, Benny kisses Sam, no longer able to resist Sam’s sweet scent and his soft, warm skin. Things get heated after that pretty quickly…

Benny has pinned Sam against the wall for the second time this night, his hands secured over his head, so Sam isn’t able to do anything but hang on. Benny flicks his tongue over the marks that are already blooming on Sam’s throat.

“Benny,” Sam moans, tightening his legs around Benny’s waist in an effort to draw him in even deeper. “Please.”

“Please what, pretty boy?”

“You know what,” Sam huffs out frustrated and tosses his head back, offering himself up to Benny who grazes his fangs teasingly over the elongated expanse of Sam’s throat eliciting a whimper from Sam.

 “Say it and I’ll do whatever you want, cherie.” Benny drawls.

“Please, drink from me.”

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At Jared’s meet and greet, he told the gathered fans what most of fandom already knew – the Ackles family now lives less than a half mile from the Padalecki family in Austin. Not only do they feel like brothers now, while they’re working together and filming the Show, but Jared and Jensen clearly intend to remain brothers after Supernatural no longer graces our television screens. How often does that happen? It’s pretty extraordinary, and pretty wonderful.

Family don’t end with blood.

Later that afternoon, I asked Jensen how JJ was doing, and whether she was talking now and killing them with the adorable. He laughed and said that I should see the videos of her running around with Tom.


- Fangasm’s report about Jared’s and Jensen’s NJCon M&G (via thelovethatsavedtheworld)

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J2 for the artpaperscissor challenge on LJ. My prompt was Fire and Gold. Part of the challenge is to create something in a day, I was lucky and had the day free, so I spent about 8 hrs on this.

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So I’m posting my Chicon photos a little late, but here you go. Let me tell you a little story about Jared Padalecki. I was getting his autograph when I decided to tell him that I’ve been having a really hard time in my life and it might sound stupid, but Supernatural really helps me get through the hard times. Especially Sam and Dean because I can relate to them in some ways. Then Jared (being the amazing person that he is) leaned over the table to hug me and then sat there and talked to me for a few minutes even though he was supposed to keep the line going. He said some really nice things to me, like I’m beautiful and my smile brightened up his day, and I thought it was really great that he took the time to say those things to me. I thought I would share it with you guys because Jared was so sweet to me and he really made me feel good about myself, which is not an easy thing to do.

Thanks for sharing your story with us ! Jared is definitely the nicest person and actor out there ! Love him for this side of his personality !

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sam winchester’s hair (◡‿◡✿)

sam winchester’s dimples (◕‿◕✿)

sam winchester’s tummy (ʘʘ✿)

sam winchester *✧・゚*✧・゚:*  (ʘ‿ʘ✿ヽ)

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#SPNFamily ( VanCon 2014 [x]) 

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"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."- Euripide       (my edits)

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I would love to know some Jared M and G snippets, please? xx


I mentioned this earlier on twitter, and a bit here as well, but Jared spent literally the second half of the M&G giving the full explanation behind his American Airlines rant. Briefly, the highlights include:

  • The whole thing actually triggered feelings from when he was younger (“before I got to be tall”) when he was bullied. He couldn’t stand just being at the whim of the airline, feeling helpless.
  • He didn’t want to vent in front of his family, but he knew that we his fans would understand.
  • Long story short, if everything had gone smoothly, the flight he was on would have taken him + the whole family to the next airport with a several hour layover to then catch the flight to Vancouver. Instead they were stuck out on a tarmac for hours (they’d turn the air conditioning on and off, trying to conserve fuel, meanwhile it was over 100 degrees outside, and would reach that temperature in the plane as well). They blamed weather in the destination city for the reason why the flight wouldn’t leave, but meanwhile another later flight (which he could have caught, if they would have let him off the plane) took off and landed in that same city with no problems. After hours and hours of him arguing with him, they finally let him off the plane onto the tarmac (something they had previously claimed was impossible) and he went back into the airport and took a different flight - which he paid for himself.
  • Jared said that while he was able to eat the cost of the one flight and buy himself another without compensation, there were lots of other people on that plane (teachers, social workers, retirees) who didn’t have that luxury, and that’s why he was so frustrated and also why he spoke out.
  • Also, he can theoretically be sued by the network for over $10,000 per hour he holds up production. The airline wanted to reschedule him on a flight for the following morning. He would have had almost a full day travelling. They had a 6AM call time for the next morning. Do the math.

Other highlights include Jared talking about his approach to playing Gadreel, which he said he prepared for by imagining he was auditioning for a totally new role on a different tv show that had nothing to do with Supernatural. He did this to create an entirely new character that had nothing to do with Sam. He talked about the scene in “Dog Dean Afternoon” where he flashes so quickly between Sam and Gadreel and back to Sam again, and mentioned that he would not have been able to do that early on in his career. Now he’s at a point where he knows how to give the camera what it needs to make changes like that evident in such a short period of time. He compared working on Supernatural all these years to film school. He also praised Tahmoh’s portrayal of Gadreel, particularly in the final episode, saying that sort of scene is very hard to play, with the conflicting emotions. He contrasted it with how easy he finds scenes with Sam and Dean chatting in the car, or in a hotel room saying things like “you’ll always be my brother”, because those draw from real emotions that he can relate to.

I asked him about the rumors we’ve heard that Sam goes a bit dark, and that we’ll be seeing “Mystery Spot Sam” (which I told him is my favorite episode), and asked him whether or not we’d finally see Sam have the chance to save Dean. He said that we do see “shades of Mystery Spot” in Sam, with him being very focused and thinking a lot about how to find Dean. He reminded us that Sam “didn’t see the season finale” and as far as he knew, Dean was dead, and then he was gone. He said that Sam doesn’t have someone like Amelia to go to, so his sole focus is on finding his brother.

He also chatted a bit about the winery. Part of his answer here is something he specifically said shouldn’t leave the room, but him and Jensen are still very excited and definitely working on their plans. They have been dealing with some unexpected legal issues - he said he was “now able to talk about it” (again, I don’t feel comfortable sharing details). The issues were surrounding the name/trademark, and now that they got the unexpected issues resolved (issues that there were rumors about in fandom, I will say), they are working on international trademarks because they do want to sell the wine internationally, but that’s not an easy thing. Jared said that even if it takes awhile “wine takes awhile to make”. When asked, he said that the wine would be the type that he likes to drink, including a chardonnay, a sparkling wine, and “a big bold red”.